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Goblin Shaman

Red Dragon Miniatures

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Goblin Shaman
Goblin Shaman

This miniature or model is a Goblin shaman for your goblin army or just to attack characters, draws on the magical energies to cast spells.

Sneaky, cunning, and vicious, these creatures are commonly found in cave systems where they make their homes. They gang up on any enemies preferring to use overwhelming numbers rather than strength or skill. Goblins arm themselves with many different types of weapons with the best gear being a sign of status in the tribe. Goblins can be keen metal smiths but prefer to plunder most articles from their enemies - reserving their own work for their own ingenious contraptions.

The miniatures and are supplied unassembled (we recommend superglue) and unpainted with a 25mm round base. Our miniatures are made to the heroic 28mm scale from lead free white metal and whilst our miniatures are made from lead free materials they are not toys and are for use in tabletop wargaming or roleplay and so we recommend that they are for those aged 14 and above due to small parts and sharp components.

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