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Barbarian Warlord

Red Dragon Miniatures

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Barbarian Warlord
Barbarian Warlord
Barbarian Warlord
Barbarian Warlord

The barbarian stands at the head of the throng, his marauders itching to wet their weapons on the enemy before them, their lord holding them back until the time is right. He wields a magnificent hammer that can sunder shield and bone alike.

He may also delve into the deepest dungeons searching for fame, glory, and lost treasures of the ancient world.

Perfect as a hero in her own right or maybe a foe deep in a dungeon. 

Product Details

This marauding champion comes equipped with a beautifully detailed shield depicting the skull symbol of his tribe.

  • Multipart miniature (assembly required)
  • 2 pieces body and shield.
  • 25mm round base
  • Supplied unpainted

The barbarian comes in two pieces, the main body and the shield that attaches to his back, the model is supplied unpainted and unassembled (we recommend superglue) with a 25mm round base.

Our miniatures are made to the heroic 28mm scale from lead free white metal and whilst our miniatures are made from lead free materials they are not toys and are for use in tabletop wargaming or roleplay and so we recommend that they are for those aged 14 and above due to small parts and sharp components.

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